Core Charge Policy

Core Return Instructions:

  1. Please contact to arrange a core return.
  2. All core returns must be assigned a Return Purchase Order Number (RPO). See Return Policy for more information.
  3. To reduce the risk of environmental hazards and spills, all core must be drained of fluids before being returned.
  4. Please clean, to the best of your ability, the exterior of all cores, removing grease, dirt and oil.
  5. To reduce fluid leaks during shipping, please wrap all core products in plastic bags before packing it for shipment.
  6. Please ship all cores back in its original packaging from the manufacturer. This is very important for the identification of core products.
  7. Please make sure all original packaging is in good condition. The packaging must not be contaminated by oil, fluids, water or any other contaminant.
  8. Please pack all core products with cardboard and/or paper to ensure a secure shipment.
    1. To ensure the identification of your core YOU MUST include the packing list that was emailed to you before securing your box with tape for shipment.
  9. “Core Return” must be marked on the outside of your box before shipping.
  10. Tracking your package is very helpful for both parties. If possible, please use a shipping carrier that provides a package tracking option to ensure secure shipment.
  11. Return freight costs will be your responsibility.
  12. To ensure you gain access to your return credit as soon as possible please email your tracking information to
  13. Once your package is received by the warehouse it could take up to 10 business days for your return credit to be processed.
  14. Please allow 24-72 business days for your refund to reach your account after your core return has been processed by the warehouse. The return credit will be issued into the original credit account provided to us when the order was placed.
  15. To ensure a return credit, your cores must be returned within 6 months of your purchase date, with no exceptions to:

Blaine Brothers® Inc.
Attention: Core Return Department
10011 Xylite Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55449
Phone: 763.780.5130

The value placed on rebuildable components and housing items is considered in the “core” deposit within your purchase. This deposit will be credited back to the customer pending the return and condition of the existing worn material. The existing core material must be returned in the original box shipped/provided to you. The return packaging must be free from corrosive materials including rain, oil, auto fluids and more. Any core items containing fluid and/or oil must be completely emptied before returning. The condition of all cores must meet an acceptable standard in order to be refunded or credited. Return freight cost is the responsibility of the customer and is not included in the pricing of the remanufactured item. Acceptance and condition of the core items can impact the core return credits.

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