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At Blaine Brothers, we believe in providing top-quality products from the best manufacturers in the commercial vehicle industry. That’s why we’re pleased to be an authorized distributor of Deka flooded batteries. These batteries offer a reinforced design that makes them ideal for commercial buses and heavy-duty equipment. You can’t lose when you combine Deka’s quality with Blaine Brothers amazing customer service and unbeatable prices. Shop our selection of Deka flooded batteries today and save big.

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Diesel semi-trucks, heavy duty trucks, buses, RV’s and other equipment depend on Deka!

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Deka Flooded Batteries

Deka flooded batteries offer a reinforced design that is ideal for heavy-duty commercial service. Ideal for commercial buses and heavy-duty equipment.


  • Electrical short prevention system protects power-producing components from life-robbing
    electrical shorts
  • Rugged, vibration-resistant internal design withstands heavy-duty use
  • Maintenance-free or maintenance-accessible designs maximizes convenience while minimizing
    water loss for extended operation
  • Commercial-tough polypropylene case and cover resist breakage to protect equipment and extend
    service life

About East Penn Manufacturing and Deka Batteries

East Penn Manufacturing makes thousands of different sizes and types of lead-acid batteries and battery accessories for virtually any application. East Penn’s Deka batteries go through a series of over 250 stringent quality control checks and extensive testing to ensure the industry’s most accurate and dependable ratings. In addition, all Deka Unigy production facilities are certified to meet globally recognized ISO 9001 and TS16949 quality standards. All batteries shipped meet or exceed IEEE-485 and Telcordia capacity requirements.

East Penn owns and operates the largest single site battery manufacturing facility in its industry. East Penn’s high tech facilities with computer monitoring and control systems are the most technologically advanced battery manufacturer in the industry. The East Penn manufacturing site includes a modern U.S. EPA permitted lead smelter, refinery and recycling center where virtually 100% of every used lead-acid battery returned to East Penn is recycled.

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