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Blaine Brothers is a proud supplier of STEMCO products. STEMCO has been providing a diverse line of high-performance systems and components to the commercial vehicle industry since 1951. Their extensive product catalog includes wheel end components such as seals, bearing and hubcaps, brake products, suspension products and innovative tire and mileage solutions. If you’re searching for innovative commercial vehicle solutions, you’ve come to the right place. Blaine Brothers stocks a wide range of STEMCO products at reasonable prices – shop our catalog today and save big.

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Wheel Seals

STEMCO provides reliable wheel seals for the trucking industry delivering tougher, longer-life seals that meet the performance, design and price requirements related to selecting the right wheel seal for any fleet. Sealing options designed to meet the varying performance expectations of each fleet, all in an effort to maximize performance and value.

STEMCO has 4 seal lines to meet your needs.

  • Discover Wheel Seal
  • Voyager Wheel Seal
  • Guardian HP Wheel Seal
  • Grit Guard Hub Seal

Axle Spindle Nuts

STEMCO’s line of axle spindle nuts keep bearing end play near zero. And all while maintaining optimal alignment to safeguard seals, bearings, tires and brake linings.

STEMCO offers Pro-Torq and Zip-Torq

  • Pro-Torq® axle spindle nuts provide accurate bearing adjustment, increasing wheel end life
  • Zip-Torq® is the latest in STEMCO’s line of axle spindle nuts, made to keep bearing end play near zero and maintain optimal cup and cone alignment on the spindle to safeguard seals, bearings, tires and brake linings.
Stemco Pro-Torq

Stemco Crewson Brake Adjusters

With STEMCO Crewson Brake Adjusters you’ll have an easier time making sure your trucks are up to code and operating safely. STEMCO brake adjusters have been designed with a variety of patented features that only STEMCO can provide. The features include:

  • Auto-Check™: Patented at-a-glance brake adjustment check
  • Cam Guard lubrication system
  • Patented Installation Template for error-free installation
  • Patented clearance sensing adjustment system
  • High strength gearset
  • Protective powder coat
  • Fail-safe sealing
  • Factory pre-greased with high quality semi-synthetic grease
Stemco Brake Adjuster

Stemco Centrifuse Brake Drum

The Genuine CentriFuse® is the original lightweight, steel jacketed brake drum with over 80 years of proven performance. Its superior safety and patented technology creates a superior braking surface that resists wear. Renowned for its weight, superior safety, exceptional balance, low cost of operation, and proven performance, it is no wonder fleets have trusted Genuine CentriFuse® brake drums for so many years.

The Genuine CentriFuse Brake Drum

  • 89 lbs.
  • 23,000 Axle Load Rating
  • The original lightweight blue brake drum
Stemco Centerfuse Brake Drum

STEMCO Products

STEMCO has been supplying a diverse line of high performance systems and components to the commercial vehicle industry since 1951. STEMCO is consistently recognized as a world-class manufacturer of innovative and exciting commercial vehicle solutions.

Wheel End Components

Reliable and durable seals, fasteners, bearings, hubcaps, spindle fasteners and mileage counters

Brake Products

High quality, application specific braking solutions including brake pads, drums and adjusters

Suspension Products

Long lasting, easy-to-install suspension products including king pin kits, spring pins, polyurethane suspensions, mount and blocking components, and tie rod assemblies

Innovative Tire & Mileage Solutions

Fuel efficiency and tire longevity products including TrailerTail® by STEMCO, trailer skirts, tire inflation systems for trailers and tire pressure monitoring systems

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