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At Blaine Brothers, we only stock products from manufacturers who share our high standards for quality and service. That’s why we’re proud to carry ConMet’s line of wheel hubs, structural plastic and aluminum casting components. For more than 50 years, ConMet has partnered with leading original equipment manufacturers, providing design, engineering and testing expertise to develop premium products and innovations for the commercial vehicle industry. Shop our wide selection of ConMet products at unbeatable prices today.

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OEM First Fit

For more than 50 years ConMet has partnered with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers, providing design, engineering, and testing expertise to develop premium products and innovations for the commercial vehicle industry.

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Original Equipment Manufacturer

ConMet works in close collaboration with several OEMs to provide the industry with superior wheel hub technology. Ranging from conventional to our patented PreSet® and PreSet Plus® technology, ConMet wheel hub assemblies are expertly designed to help reduce maintenance costs and extend the overall vehicle life.

Hub Assemblies

Conmet produces the most advanced wheel ends on the market, from conventional hubs to our patented PreSet® line of hub assemblies and components. Using state of the art machines and technology, they achieve the most precise levels of bearing adjustment and calibration. PreSet technology offers superior hubs that are ready for installation with no assembly and bearing adjustment required ConMet wheel end products include standard hubs, PreSet®, and PreSet Plus® hub assemblies.

Hubs & Rotors

ConMet brake rotors are designed to work perfectly with our hubs and various manufacturers’ air disc or hydraulic brakes, all while offering ConMet’s unparalleled PreSet hub technology.

Conmet, A Legacy of Innovation

ConMet is a leading global manufacturer of wheel hubs, structural plastic, and aluminum casting components for the commercial vehicle industry. With patented innovations, such as our PreSet®, PreSet Plus®, and TruTurn® product lines, ConMet is the undisputed leader in the development of lightweight, high-performance products for the heavy-duty truck and trailer industry.

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