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Keep your semi-trailers running smoothly and efficiently with the top trailer suspension repair services in the industry. Our expert technicians are standing by around the clock 365 days a year and they’re ready to serve you in the shop or on the road. In other words, we’ve got you covered 100 percent.

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Time for suspension repair services for your semi-trailer? It’s time to call Blaine Brothers. No job is too big – or too small – for us to handle. We’re looking forward to going above and beyond to take care of all your needs.

Suspension Services

When your trailer’s suspension is off, it can cause drag and decrease your vehicle’s fuel economy, both of which can impact productivity and profitability – and not in a positive way. The good news is that Blaine Brothers is here to help. We’ve been proud members of the trucking and transportation community for more than four decades and with five locations across Wisconsin and Minnesota, it’s easier than ever to find a location that’s convenient to you. When you come to us for trailer suspension maintenance and repair, you can trust you’ll receive top-notch service from highly trained technicians who care about doing the job right the first time. Plus, we believe in pricing our services reasonably because it’s not about the money to us – it’s about keeping our customers safe, happy and satisfied.

Whether you need basic suspension service or something a little more complex, our team will go the extra mile to make sure your vehicle is operating safely so you can get back on the road with confidence. At Blaine Brothers, that’s just how we roll, and we’re looking forward to showing you why we’re the premier truck and trailer service provider in the midwest.

Suspension Repair FAQS

How much is suspension repair?

The cost of suspension repair for a semi is going to depend entirely on what kind of work or repair needs to be done. The suspension system in a truck is complex and there are many areas of potential failure. There are shocks, springs, struts, control arms, and more that need to be maintained and repaired periodically. Simple repairs might only cost a few hundred dollars, while more serious repairs may cost $2,000 or more before being road-ready. Severe cases may see the repair bill climb to $5,000.

How long does it take to repair a suspension?

This is another case where the answer is going to depend on what type of work was being done. Some of the simpler repairs, such as replacing a control arm or a shock absorber may only take part of a day. However, the more intensive service needs, like broken springs or air bag suspension repairs for the cab, can take multiple days in the shop. Suspension repairs that have been neglected for a long time may even require the truck to be in the shop for a week or more, having welding work done before suspension components can be replaced.

Can a damaged suspension be repaired?

Yes, in most cases, any damage to the suspension system can be repaired in a reasonable amount of time. However, damaged suspension components may cause damage to other components. For example, many types of suspension damage can cause damage to the steering ability of the driver. Other types of suspension damage can cause damage to the wheels or tires, which can also be repaired relatively easily, but will add considerable expense.

What happens if you don’t fix the suspension on your car?

While you can often continue to operate your truck with damaged suspension, it will almost certainly affect not only your driving ability but also the health of other components of your truck. The truck, the ride, the steering, and possibly your cargo will feel unbalanced and unstable, which can be disastrous for an operator. The suspension components help keep your wheels in contact with the road and help smooth out the impacts caused by bumps. In some cases where a broken suspension component is in contact with a tire, it can create a very dangerous situation because the broken component can puncture or shred the tire, potentially leading to an accident.

What causes a suspension to go bad?

There are many things that can cause suspension components to go bad, but they can all generally be grouped into the category of hazards that you encounter on and off the road. The most common way that suspension is damaged is by potholes and bumps on municipal roads. There are bumps, cracks, holes, debris, and other hazards that can potentially damage your truck if you drive over them at highway speed. Speed bumps are another common feature that drivers often don’t give appropriate caution to, which can cause severe damage to shocks, struts, and springs.

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