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Engine Repair Services

When it’s time for engine repair services or maintenance, Blaine Brothers is here 24/7 to help with all your needs. As an authorized CAT and Cummins dealer, we can repair all makes and models of medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks. No job is too big or small for us to handle and we’re looking forward to meeting – and exceeding – your expectations for service.

Why choose Blaine Brothers for your diesel engine repair needs?

It’s simple. We’ve been proudly serving the trucking and transportation community since 1979 and every member of our team is 100 percent committed to your success. We strive to treat our customers and partners like family because we know we’ll be seeing them over and over again during the life of their fleet. That’s what motivates us every day – knowing that we can help people achieve their full potential.

When you come to us for truck engine repairs, you can expect to receive excellent service at a fair price in a timely manner because we know that in the trucking industry, every minute counts toward your bottom line.

From basic maintenance to complicated major repairs, our skilled technicians use advanced diagnostic software and quality parts and products from top manufacturers, giving you the confidence you need when you’re on the road.

Next time you need heavy-duty truck engine repairs, turn to Blaine Brothers and find out why we’re one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Engine Repair FAQS

How do I know if my engine needs reconditioning?

The most common signs that your engine needs to be rebuilt are indicators that there are serious mechanical or operational problems occurring. One of the most common noises is a ticking sound that could indicate timing or valve train issues.

Lots of smoke in your exhaust could mean that your engine is burning oil or coolant, which could indicate the need for costly rebuilding or replacement of the engine. A strong knocking in time with the RPMs could mean the main bearings are at the end of their life.

What are the signs of engine problems?

There are many signs of engine problems, the most common include:

    • Smoke in the exhaust
    • Ticking or knocking sounds
    • Constant overheating
    • “Check engine” light coming on
    • A sudden drop in fuel efficiency
    • Stalling or other performance drops during idle
    • Leaking oil
    • Excessive vibrations or engine noise

While many of these have more routine explanations or fixes, they may be signs of impending engine issues. Either way, you should make sure to have them looked at by a qualified mechanic.

How much does an engine cost to repair?

This is a question with many different answers. The bottom line is that engine repairs can cost anywhere from about $100 for a sensor replacement, to several thousand for an internal mechanical failure or rebuild. The cost can go as high as $3,000-$4,000 for more extensive or complicated fixes.

Remember, your engine is the beating heart of your vehicle, and heart surgery doesn’t come cheap. The service itself is often highly complex and can take a week or more to complete depending on what’s needed. This is why making sure to address problems before they grow is so important to your vehicle’s health. If you know what you need, explore our engine parts.

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